Introducing EzeScan’s CLOUD Solution for Technology One Ci Anywhere!

Introducing EzeScan’s CLOUD Solution for Technology One Ci Anywhere!

EzeScan is excited to announce that we have introduced a specialised cloud offering Invoice Data Capture Solution, that provides ‘out of the box’ native integration with TechnologyOne Financials CiA, designed to take the hard work out of your accounts payable processing.

Now available as a SaaS offering in the EzeScan CLOUD, this provides an option for fast deployment with an affordable monthly subscription, without the software, hardware or management headaches.

EzeScan CLOUD is privately provisioned on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The solution is PEPPOL-enabled and will also support e-invoicing.

Developing a proper SaaS offering that exploits all of the sophisticated capabilities embedded in AWS required extensive research & development from our team. We use the extensive inbuilt security protection mechanisms provided by AWS to help secure your data.

Provisioning a customer in EzeScan Cloud simply requires 2 things: access to a dedicated AP/AR Office365 email inbox and connectivity to the customer’s TechnologyOne environment. 

Once those details are provided, we can have an invoice automation platform up and running the same day. The solution can also provide further integration using TechnologyOne CiA “web services” (it’s an optional module from TechnologyOne that can provide customers with much more automation).

Invoices that arrive as email attachments are processed straight through to the sophisticated workflow capabilities into TechnologyOne CiA. EzeScan software also provides the ability to split multiple invoices that arrive as a single PDF and even combine supporting information attachment with its corresponding invoice.

In today’s world most invoices are born digital and arrive directly from a customer’s ERP system, although we can implement an EzeScan client on-premise if required to scan paper invoices. For really low volumes of hardcopy invoices a multifunction device with scan to email will also do the job.

Pricing options for the SaaS offering begin at $A500 per month for less than 5000 invoices a year.

EzeScan smart capture technology allows EzeScan to automatically detect values from any location on an invoice. These values can be validated against TechnologyOne to ensure data integrity is maintained and exceptions are flagged. Automation includes the capture of emailed invoices from Office 365 mailboxes, invoice scanning, data capture, validation and upload to TechnologyOne.

Features of EzeScan CLOUD include:

  • Automatically capture and process invoices from multiple sources including email, E-Invoice or scanned hardcopy, directly to TechnologyOne.
  • Multiple exception rules are able to be applied, e.g. Invalid supplier, invalid or no order number, duplicate invoice, bank details mismatch, invoice not addressed to the business.
  • Process support order, non-order, credit notes and sundry transactions.
  • Upload invoices as document file transactions in TechnologyOne with the PDF linked.
  • Submit invoices via a webform with supporting documentation reporting, including what was imported, processed and operator activity.

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