Five Ways EzeScan can help iManage Users

Advanced Capture for iManage

Five Ways EzeScan can help iManage Users

With native iManage integration, EzeScan has been providing advanced batch scanning solutions to iManage users for many years, enables documents to be seamlessly captured and registered into iManage, all without the need for additional scripting or customized coding.

What is iManage Work?

iManage Work is an industry leading document and email management application, empowering professionals to manage information more productively and securely. iManage Work enables leading corporations, law firms, and professional services firms to respond to business demands in a more agile and productive way.

Here’s five ways EzeScan helps iManage Work Users…

1. Automate your repetitive tasks

Spend more time practicing law and less time on repetitive admin tasks. EzeScan’s workflow process automation solutions can help automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on the work that’s most important, providing your clients with the best legal advice possible

2. Capture you case documents on the fly

EzeScan’s Remote Indexing Assistant is a capture solution for both hardcopy documents or electronic files that allows documents to be quality checked,  indexed and pushed automatically into iManage from a web browser on any device. Multiple workflows for mailroom processes, archiving, contract workflows or invoicing can be easily configured for use by multiple users.

3. Capture your documents direct from your MFP

EzeScan’s new capture app is now available for Ricoh MFP’s using Smart Panel (Version 2.0 or higher) and EzeScan Remote Indexing WebApp. With the minimum of keystrokes Ricoh customers can now effortlessly scan and register documents directly into their corporate systems including iManage and automatically initiate intelligent business processes. EzeScan’s intelligent capture solution for MFP’s also provides a direct integration via the PaperCut MF solution on the MFP for a user to initiate the capture of business documents.

4. Easily generate Barcode coversheets

Avoid manual data entry by using EzeScan’s barcode coversheet generator. Simply right click a destination within iManage. Scan the document with the cover page to go directly to the iManage location with optional additional and inherited metadata. Batch scan documents using the cover page as a separator page which allows the document to be split and saved directly into any iManage location. Additional metadata such as the document name and class can be applied when creating the cover page, as well as inheriting metadata from the iManage parent folder. EzeScan’s Barcode Generator has the ability to both read and write barcodes, making the workflow process for users much easier and more automated when uploading documents into iManage.

5. Digitise your incoming mail

EzeScan’s digital mailroom solution allows iManage users to distribute their information instantly to their law firms content systems and most importantly to users, helping to facilitate agile working and ensuring that employees have quick, easy, compliant and secure access to information, wherever they are working.

With advanced power indexing features, EzeScan delivers the fastest, most cost-effective method available to capture and register both your hard copy and electronic documents directly into iManage.

Reduce the amount of time physically handling and processing your documents across your organisation for both high volume mailroom capture and decentralised workgroup capture.

With EzeScan software solutions you can transform and automate your manual business processes into highly intelligent digital workflows.

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