Why invest in an Automated Invoice Processing Solution?

EzeScan Invoice Processing Automation

Why invest in an Automated Invoice Processing Solution?

For many organisations looking to improve their operational efficiencies, the overhead of processing incoming invoices is one of the first challenges to be considered.

Businesses need to process invoices quickly and efficiently to ensure they meet their commercial obligations, however manually processing invoices can be very labour intensive, costly, and prone to error.

Invoices can enter a business via different channels and in a variety of formats. Some arrive as hardcopy through the mail or digital born invoices via email, to different people in different departments or locations.

Hard copy invoices can be easily lost, misfiled, sent to the wrong person, or forgotten about if not processed immediately. When invoices are processed, the accounts payable team must manually key the important information into their financial system and manually match the invoice to the correct purchase order. This process can be very time consuming. For invoices requiring approval this process can be even more time consuming.  Once the invoices have been approved, accounts payable staff must also manually name and file the invoices in the correct location.

Can an Automated Invoices Processing Solution Help?

With an automated invoice processing solution, you can improve the visibility of your financial position, increase efficiency, and the accuracy of your accounts payable process by capturing your invoices as soon as they enter the business.

EzeScan’s invoice processing solution helps you effortlessly digitise your invoices, automatically extract business critical information, and validate it against data in your finance system, eliminating many of the errors, and costs of manual processing.

With EzeScan’s Invoice Processing Solution You Can…

Batch process invoices from multiple sources

With EzeScan’s high volume desktop solution, as an accounts payable professional you can batch scan invoices or batch import invoices from a folder or direct from an email account. This means you can capture and process as many invoices as you want, without any volume-based restrictions!

Digitise your invoices as soon as they enter the business

With EzeScan’s Server solution you can automatically poll and import invoices form an email account and automatically process them.  Invoices requiring attention can be sent to your accounts payable team to review.

Reduce manual data entry…

EzeScan automatically extracts business critical information such as invoice number, invoice date and supplier name. Intelligent capture technology allows EzeScan to automatically detect values from any location on your invoices. By limiting the number of keystrokes or eliminating them altogether EzeScan can deliver impressive productivity gains.

Automatically flag exceptions for review…

Invoice data is automatically validated using database lookups which cross-reference with your finance system to perform tasks such as supplier validation, match open purchase orders against a supplier and to return associated supplier information. Duplicate or mismatched invoices are automatically flagged for attention.

Create custom approval workflows…

With EzeScan you can create custom approval workflows to automate the routing of invoices from your Accounts team to designated approvers.

Effortlessly upload to your finance system…

Validated data can be easily exported as a customisable data file or uploaded to your finance system. EzeScan provides ‘out of the box’ integrated invoice processing automation for many leading finance systems such as TechnologyOne Financials, MYOB and Xero.

We are currently processing 5000-6000 invoices per month with at least 50 approvers. Unlimited capability was an essential requirement for us due to the fact we are still looking to grow our business.  So, we required a solution that was completely future proof.

Gordon Rollo, Finance Director, Cote Restaurants

To discover how EzeScan’s Invoice Processing Solution could help you digitally transform your organisation, visit our website for more information or contact our sales team at sales@ezescan.com.au.

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