Why is a Records Capture Solution a MUST for all Micro Focus Content Manager Users?

Why is a Records Capture Solution a MUST for all Micro Focus Content Manager Users?

EzeScan’s Micro Focus Content Manager Integration helps take the hard work out of your records capture! 

What is Micro Focus Content Manager?

Formerly known and still commonly referred to as TRIM by many records professionals, Micro Focus Content Manager is a governance-based enterprise content management system. It is designed to help government agencies, regulated industries and global organisations manage their business content from creation to disposal. It is one of the most widely used content management systems among government bodies in Australia.

How does EzeScan help Micro Focus Content Manager Users?

Whilst Micro Focus is a great way to manage government documents, records professionals still have to onboard the information into the document management system. Whilst the volume of paper-based records has started to slowly decrease, the volume of digital born records has increased. The big problem for records capture has remained the same for both. Data Entry is not much fun, and it can tedious hard work! On top of that, Records Professional are also responsible for naming and filing documents in the correct naming convention and to the correct location! EzeScan is designed to make this job easy using intelligent capture and business process automation.

EzeScan’s professional production batch capture capabilities allow you to capture multiple records from multiple locations including scanned or digital born documents, email and web forms.

With advanced indexing features, EzeScan helps reduce manual data entry and save you valuable time. By simply capturing one piece of information, EzeScan can perform a database lookup to Micro Focus Content Manager and return the rest of the relevant information required to register new records. Not only does this make registering records simpler, it also ensures authenticity and accuracy of the record to ensure you meet your governance and regulatory compliance.

EzeScan can also help initiate intelligent business processes and put your information to use faster, by automatically initiating workflows or records actions in Content Manager.

As a centralised capture solution records professionals can use EzeScan to batch capture and process documents as part of their responsibilities.  Outside of records areas the rest of the business can use EzeScan’s decentralised capture WebApp solution to automatically capture and register their records directly to Content Manager, complying to records requirements without even knowing they are.

EzeScan’s Intelligent Profiler – Configured To Your Requirements

EzeScan’s Micro Focus Content Manager Integration also enables you to:

  1. Browse and set all record types and fields with ease
  2. Automatically
    • retrieve field data from existing record fields and apply them to new records, saving you repetitive keystrokes
    • create containers and apply security levels, caveats and access controls
    • apply classifications, records actions, workflows and rendition schedules
    • register a document using a Content Manager barcode coversheet
  3. Create Redacted versions for FOI requests including forms redaction and mark up histories
  4. Apply related to and redacted to relationships of records
  5. Append or prepend pages to existing CM records

Want to find out more about how EzeScan’s Micro Focus Content Manager integration can take the hard work out of your records capture?

Visit our website for more information or contact our sales team at sales@ezescan.com.au.

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