Introducing EzeScan’s Intelligent Capture for Lexis Affinity

Introducing EzeScan’s Intelligent Capture for Lexis Affinity

Effortlessly capture and store your matter documents with EzeScan’s automated intelligent capture solution for Lexis Affinity.

What is Lexis Affinity?

Lexis Affinity is a leading legal practice management software solution supporting productivity and growth for mid-tier law practices across the Pacific Region and beyond. Practice management systems like Lexis Affinity helps law firms to manage their day-to-day workflows and business operations across their law practice, by digitally storing information in one secure place.

How can EzeScan help?

Staying competitive and profitable for lawyers means being able to retrieve and action critical information in a timely manner. With intelligent capture capabilities, EzeScan delivers the fastest method available to capture and register both hard copy and digital born documents directly into Lexis Affinity.

Whether you are scanning incoming correspondence, digitising complete case files, or back scanning your existing client files, EzeScan can provide the solution that meets your needs.

Let EzeScan focus on the repetitive administrative tasks and let your legal professionals focus on providing your clients with the best legal advice possible.

Automate Your Manual Workflows by automatically naming and filing your documents into Lexis Affinity.

EzeScan transforms your time-consuming manual business processes into highly automated
digital workflows from the moment your information enters the business. With EzeScan’s intelligent capture capabilities, documents are correctly named, distributed, filed and uploaded to the correct matter location in Lexis Affinity.

EzeScan provides scanning, image enhancement, data capture validation and upload automation. All of these services are designed to limit the amount of user intervention, ingest the information faster enabling you and your organisation to focus on the needs of your clients.

Capture matter documents on the fly

With EzeScan’s Remote Indexing WebApp your team can now effortlessly capture documents from your MFD or upload digital born document when they are out of the office directly into the matter file in Lexis Affinity. Your staff can now effortlessly capture documents from your MFD or upload digital born documents when they are out of the office, directly to your matter files in Lexis Affinity.

EzeScan’s web browser interface enables staff to QA, validate and register their documents from their computer or mobile device. EzeScan captures one piece of information (e.g. Matter ID) and then can perform a database lookup to return the rest of the information required to register new documents.

Automate Your Digital Mailroom

With EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom solution you can eliminate the delays inherent with physical mail distribution and get your information to the correct people faster.

Capture and distribute your incoming correspondence instantly to users via our web browser interface and facilitate an agile working environment to ensure your team have quick, easy, compliant, and secure access to information working to any location.

Digitise your existing Case Files

Digitising your existing hardcopy matter files that have been sitting on shelves or in storage for years can seem like a daunting task. EzeScan production batch scanning capabilities can effortlessly capture high volumes of existing case files so that you and your team can sear and utilise information previously locked in hardcopy documents in a quick and efficient manner.

For more information on EzeScans Intelligent capture solution for Lexis Affinity visit our website or contact our sales team to find your closest reseller.

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