Digitally Transforming Your Legal Practice

Digitally Transforming Your Legal Practice

What does digital transformation mean for Law Firms and how can EzeScan help lawyers on their digital transformation journey?

The legal sector is evolving and technology is reshaping the way law firms work.  

Lets consider the following scenario…

A client comes into the practice for a meeting or perhaps calls you on the phone. You often need to quickly find their Matter file. You have to leave your desk, go to file room, find their file, and bring it back to your desk.

But what if you could access the information within seconds without leaving your desk?

Creating a paperless office

The idea of the Paperless Office has been around for decades, yet many organisations are still dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of paper documents every week.

Although the number of paper documents entering law firms may be decreasing, a large portion of documents still enter as hard copy. And whilst you may not be able to eliminate paper all together, you could significantly reduce your reliance on it by capturing and digitizing your documents as soon as they enter the business and convert your paper-based processes to highly automated digital workflows.

Law firms can automate their document workflows and streamline their operational processes by automatically capturing, actioning, and filing both their hardcopy and digital born documents to move critical information across their law firm faster and enable an agile working environment. With the efficiency and productivity provided by digital transformation technologies, lawyers can focus more time and energy on higher-value tasks and better serving their clients needs.

The onset of the global pandemic has also meant that remote working has become the new norm for many legal professionals. Legal professionals need to be able to access their matter documents whenever and wherever they may be working whilst complying with Legal Governance and Risk Management regulations.

Benefits of Digital Transformation:

  • Capture incoming information and put it to use faster
  • Securely give your staff access to all the firm’s documents at any given time
  • Make it easier and faster to find information
  • Minimise document handling across your organisation
  • Action your information faster
  • Reduce paper document storage costs

What you’ll need to start your digital transformation journey

  1.  A scanner to convert your paper documents to digital documents – either  a high-speed document scanner or a Multi-functional Device (copier).
  2. Scanner Software – Intelligent Data capture technologies use optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically extract keywords to create text searchable PDF files, easily classify documents and ensure information gets to the correct systems.
  3. Practice Management system – EzeScan integrates with many leading EDRMS systems including iManage, OpenText EDOCS, Leap and Nexis Affinity.

How can EzeScan help your firm on their digital transformation journey?

Whether you are scanning incoming correspondence, digitising complete case files, or back scanning your existing client files, EzeScan can provide the solution that meets your needs. Make documents available to your legal teams faster by distributing incoming correspondence electronically whether it enters the business as hard copy, fax or email.

EzeScan has helped other Legal firms on their digital transformation journey including Legal Aid Queensland, Johnson Winter & Slattery, Foot Anstey, Donn & Co and Elkington and Fife. You can find out more about their digitisation journey with EzeScan here.

“The scanning solution is quick and reliable, and we’ve not had any major issues so far. It’s also very user-friendly – staff don’t need an awful lot of training on it. It’s self-explanatory and just takes a couple of clicks. Keeping staff happy is quite high on the firm’s agenda – having an accurate and speedy scanning solution makes them more comfortable and will motivate them to work hard on more thought challenging tasks”.

Sharon Petford, partner at Donn & Co.

To learn how EzeScan can help your law firm on their digital transformation journey, visit our website or contact our sales team.

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