Introducing EzeScan’s Intelligent Capture for NetDocuments

Introducing EzeScan’s Intelligent Capture for NetDocuments

Effortlessly capture and store your matter documents with EzeScan automated intelligent capture solution for NetDocuments. With its native integration, EzeScan’s enables documents to be captured and registered seamlessly into NetDocuments, all without the need for any additional scripting or customised coding

EzeScan can help you streamline your legal workflows and get your matter documents to your legal team faster, by converting your manual processes into highly automated digital workflows. Whether you are scanning incoming mailroom correspondence, back scanning your existing client files, or capturing files on the fly, EzeScan can provide the solution that any organisation’s needs. Let EzeScan focus on the repetitive administrative tasks and let your legal professionals focus on providing your clients with the best legal advice possible.

Integration Benefits:

  • Intelligent capture and registration capabilities for all your staff.
  • High volume batch capture for large case files from any copier or desktop scanner.
  • Automated naming and filing of documents into NetDocuments.
  • Drag and drop documents into our web interface for QA, validation, registration, or workflow on any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Inbuilt lookup functionality with NetDocuments to easily apply matter and client metadata.
  • Scan and upload documents into NetDocuments from the front panel of your MFP.
  • Generate barcode coversheets from matter information within NetDocuments.
  • Apply or inherit Meta Data and permissions when uploading to NetDocuments.

Save valuable resources and limit unnecessary data entry and manual processing by leveraging your existing client and case information already in your line of business applications. By extracting/capturing the matter number from correspondence, EzeScan can perform validation lookups from within NetDocuments, or other line of business systems, to return the rest of the relevant information required to register new records, even creating folder structures or inheriting Metadata from parent folders along the way.

EzeScan provides scanning, image enhancement, data capture, validation, and upload automation. All designed to limit the amount of user intervention and help you ingest your information faster, so that you can meet the needs of you clients faster. EzeScan ensures you comply with digitization standards, automatically apply naming conventions and file documents correctly.

EzeScan allows NetDocument users to capture documents with on premise hardware and upload to NetDocuments cloud environments. Centralized and decentralized deployments options ensure that all your staff have access to the tools they need. EzeScan provides flexible licensing options, scalable modular design and the ability to work with any desktop scanner, MFP or network capture device. 

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