EzeScan’s WebApps – Your Business Process Automation Toolkit

EzeScan’s WebApps – Your Business Process Automation Toolkit

Before exploring what EzeScan’s Business Process Automation WebApps are and why they are so important, it’s good to understand what business automation is and why organisations are seeing the countless benefits that are associated with it.

Business Process Automation involves the use of technology, digital tools, and software to automate business processes and workflows. The introduction of Business Processing Automation to your organisation can provide many benefits including efficient and faster processes, accurate input and output of information and reduction of costs.

EzeScan – a leader in this field, have developed a powerful toolkit of WebApps that will help your team capture, register and action both their hardcopy or digital born documents from wherever they are working, directly into your line of business processes.   

Behind all EzeScan WebApps is the ability to seamlessly align the capture of information with record keeping obligations and initiate intelligent business processes. With native integration with many popular records and content management systems, records and information professionals can configure the WebApps with an organisations business rules to automatically register and action information for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Key benefits for organisations

  • Capture critical information as it enters your business for faster action
  • Your team can focus on your business outcomes and not document management
  • Automatically initiate intelligent business processes
  • Provide an agile working environment
  • Leverage your business intelligence and save valuable time in data entry
  • Accelerate document delivery and minimise manual handling
  • No software to install on your PC, tablet or phone
  • Ensure regulatory and digitisation standards compliance.

EzeScan's WebApps Suite

Remote Indexing Assitant (RIA)

EzeScan’s Remote Indexing Assistant (RIA) provides your team with a simple and intuitive web interface to capture, share, action and register both your hard copy and digital born information.  

For hardcopy documents scanned from any MFD in your organisation, EzeScan can capture and convert them to text searchable compliant PDF/A documents and send an automated email notification to the user. Users can view the documents in their web browser, check the quality of the image, add/modify metadata and then submit to the next stage of processing. Digital born documents can also be individually uploaded (drag and drop) into RIA and actioned in the same manner.  Captured documents and metadata can then be sent back to a production EzeScan workstation or picked up by EzeScan SERVER, and automatically uploaded to any supported EDRM system. EzeScan can include additional information based on an organisation’s business rules, automatically create the file name and file the document in the correct location. With supported EDRM systems EzeScan can also trigger associated workflows or records actions.

As a digital mailroom, documents captured in a production workflow using EzeScan desktop can be distributed via RIA to team members.   Your teams can then action information in a timely manner and automatically register documents with the correct file name and to the correct location every time!

File Upload Assistant (FUA)

EzeScan’s File Upload Assistant (FUA) WebApp provides effortless batch upload of documents/photos from a computer or a mobile device to desired locations such as a network folder or any supported EDRMS. Records and Information Managers can configure unique look-up databases or utilise existing databases so your team can easily select the information required to file electronic documents remotely. As with other EzeScan WebApps, additional custom fields can be configured. FUA ensures files are filed in the correct location, with the correct metadata and with the correct naming conventions, every time!

File Approval Assistant (FAA)

EzeScan’s File Approval Assistant (FAA) WebApp provides a simple web-based approval and validation interface for processing documents that require approval, such as invoices. Documents initiating from production workflows using EzeScan desktop or EzeScan SERVER can now be sent to users to approve or reject. Users simply follow the URL link to view the documents in their web browser, add/modify any metadata, approve, reject and submit the document to the next stage of processing. Managers can monitor user pending approval queues and receive email notifications on documents that have not been processed in a timely manner.

Barcode Coversheet Generator (BCG)

EzeScan’s Barcode Coversheet Generator (BCG) WebApp allows anyone in your organisation to generate a barcode coversheet with pre-populated metadata that enables them to scan a document from your MFD and into the desired location (network/ supported EDRMS).  BCG is often used in back scanning projects to pre-define batches of documents, eliminating manual data entry.

Digital Forms Assistant (DFA)

EzeScan’s Digital Forms Assistant (DFA) WebApp is an ideal tool for any organisation to effortlessly transfer their labour-intensive paper-based or manual capture of business information to efficient digital online processes. With both internal and external facing forms, DFA can be seamlessly integrated into your existing web site to provide an effortless experience for your team and your customers that interact with you. The web-based admin interface makes it easy to create and manage web forms by simply adding the required forms objects to the web page. 

DFA captures the web form metadata as XML and can provide you a PDF record of the transaction.  Any attachments included as part of the web form can be bundled with the form record and uploaded to any supported EDRM and content management system.  With EzeScan DFA WebApp you can save time in data entry, validate information and ensure business processes are initiated in a timely manner.

For more information on EzeScan’s Business Process Automation WebApps visit https://www.ezescan.com.au/products/ezescan-webapps

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