5 reasons why EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom will improve your business

5 reasons why EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom will improve your business

With many businesses continuing to implement flexible work environments, the need for Digital Mailrooms is becoming more paramount. 

Organisations are facing many challenges processing their incoming correspondence.  Along with issues associated with digitising documents, incoming mail can be incorrectly registered, delivered to the wrong person, lost or forgotten and in some cases not delivered fast enough to support critical business activities.

Without the ability to quickly process physical mail, organisations risk compromising their desired business outcomes, whether servicing their customers or initiating important workflows typically initiated by incoming information.

The key benefits of a digital mail room include:

1. Effortlessly digitise your mail in-house 

With EzeScan and a TWAIN/ISIS compliant scanner or MFD, your mailroom team can quickly digitise incoming mail. EzeScan’s user interface makes it easy for an operator to capture and easily distribute documents to the right person or workflow while automatically satisfying digitisation requirements.

Optional smart capture modules are available to automatically look for and capture relevant information which can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate manual data entry.

(EzeScan workstation screenshot of mailroom staff distributing scanned mail to recipient)

2. Distribute incoming mail to your staff quickly and securely no matter their location

EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom solution eliminates delays in incoming mail distribution to get your information to the correct people faster. End users or business units can view, action and register their mail in EzeScan’s Remote Indexing WebApp on any device from any location. From here users can automatically initiate  a workflow in a supported EDRMS while EzeScan ensures documents are named and filed correctly. EzeScan supports  over 40 popular EDRM systems.

(EzeScan WebApps screenshot of mail recipient registering mail via remote location)

3. Provide instant recipient notification of incoming mail

When mail is distributed by the mailroom operator, EzeScan sends an automated email notification to the end-user, notifying them that they have mail waiting to be processed. This ensures that mail can be actioned in a timely manner and not lost or forgotten about.

4. Effortlessly register into your EDRMS

Particularly for government agencies and law firms, it is important that mail is filed and named currently in an organisation’s document management system. EzeScan supports integration with over 40 popular EDRM and practice management systems. EzeScan’s automated business intelligence ensures your documents are named and filed correctly into your EDRMS if required and can automatically initiate EDRMS record actions or workflows. 

(EzeScan’s supported EDRMS integrations)

5. Align business processes with governance, regulatory and digitisation standards

It is important that your corporate compliance program aligns with governance, regulatory and digitisation standards. With the purpose of protecting your business, EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom can do this for you making the investment in this solution worth it!

How EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom Works

(Typical EzeScan Digital Mailroom Workflow)

With EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom solution you can.

  • Digitise your hardcopy mail with ease
  • Provide instant recipient notification of incoming mail
  • Distribute your mail quickly and securely (multiple recipients and locations).
  • Reduce the risk of lost mail
  • Initiate faster business transaction processing
  • Streamline end user self-registration of mail into EDRMS
  • Automatically initiate EDRMS workflow on mail
  • Align business processes with governance, regulatory and digitisation standards

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