EzeScan takes part in Clean Up Australia Day

EzeScan takes part in Clean Up Australia Day

From what had started over 30 years ago as a simple idea to make a difference in the backyard, the Clean Up Australia day movement has now become the nation’s largest community-based environmental event of the year. Since its origin, over twenty million Aussies have stepped up to Clean Up Australia on the first weekend of March and EzeScan are proud to have been involved in the 2023 event.

As a software research and development company, and more importantly all-round lovers of technology, we decided that for this year’s event we would like to host an e-waste hub for team members.

EzeScan E-Waste Hub

To play our role in Clean Up Australia Day, EzeScan hosted an e-waste recycling hub in our Brisbane office. This gave the team the opportunity to dig deep into the corners of their homes to find any electrical product that had reached its ‘end of life’ – but what defines ‘end of life’? As a company, we decided that ‘end of life’ could refer to any item that has either a battery, power cord, or both that is no longer working, no longer needed or can benefit someone else more than it could benefit us.

It was very interesting to see what employees bought into the office as it became evident that ‘one man’s trash is definitely another man’s treasure’. We saw items that were over 40 years old which also bought back fond memories for many team members.

How were we able to get the whole team involved?

Here at EzeScan, our team love friendly rivalry so what better way to get everyone involved then to host a competition. However, you may be wondering; how can you make donating e-waste into a fun game? Once an item was bought in, we allocated a certain amount of points based on its value. For example, a computer mouse was valued at 2 points and a laptop was valued at 16 points. To make this competition even more interesting, EzeScan Founder and CEO Mike Kirkby proposed that there would be a prize for the team member who topped our ‘E-waste Leader board’ by the end of the 2-week period and more importantly would be named the EzeScan E-Waste Warrior!

Whilst some team members tore apart their own homes looking for old e-products, others reached out to family and friends for backup which was also great to have our loved ones involved.

What happens next?

All of our e-waste has now been taken to the appropriate e-waste hub which can be found using this link: Brisbane E-Waste Stations. Whilst Clean Up Australia Day is now over for another year, we are still encouraged to get involved whenever we can as any day is a good day to make a difference. As a company, EzeScan pledges to responsibly dispose of our e-waste and are looking forward to continuing sustainable practices. We are pleased to have been involved with Clean Up Australia Day and look forward to taking part in future years. ­

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