Unlocking New Horizons: A Message From the CEO

Unlocking New Horizons: A Message From the CEO

We are thrilled to introduce EzeScan CLOUD, a revolutionary software as a service (SaaS) solution designed to streamline your document management processes. With EzeScan CLOUD, you can effortlessly capture, process, and register both physical and digital documents directly into your line of business applications. Say goodbye to the complexities of on-site software and hardware, as our secure and dependable cloud-based solution takes centre stage.

Overcoming Barriers: Financial and Technical Freedom

Our mission is to empower your business by removing the financial and technical barriers typically associated with purchasing, deploying, and maintaining on-premise software and hardware. With flexible subscription options, EzeScan CLOUD allows you to take control of your document workflows and enhance operational efficiency, without the burdensome overhead costs.

Solution Benefits: Efficiency at Your Fingertips

At EzeScan, we understand that every business is unique and has its own set of requirements. With this in mind, we have developed a wide range of solutions that are designed to provide benefits that align with your organisation’s needs, ensuring that you receive maximum value and achieve your desired outcomes. Whether you are looking to streamline document workflows, enhance data accuracy, or boost operational efficiency, we are committed to delivering the solutions that best fit your unique circumstances and empower you to succeed.

  1. Tools Aligned with Purpose: Effortlessly configure EzeScan CLOUD to maximise its effectiveness for your specific business requirements.
  2. Cost Reduction: Minimise capital expenditure and resource costs associated with managing on-premise infrastructure.
  3. Swift Deployment and Implementation: Experience remote deployment within days, ensuring a quick start to optimising your processes.
  4. Robust Security: Enjoy multiple layers of security offered by the Microsoft Azure Platform, ensuring the safety of your data.
  5. Hassle-free IT: Benefit from automatic upgrades, ensuring your organisation always operates on the latest version with the newest features.
  6. Enhanced Business Agility: Access real-time lookups for supported systems and utilise an intuitive web browser user interface for seamless navigation.
  7. Boost Productivity: Streamline business workflows, minimise manual data entry, and improve operational efficiency, leading to enhanced productivity levels.

Features: Flexibility, Scalability, and Security

EzeScan CLOUD offers a range of powerful features designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes:

Flexibility & Scalability

  • From small businesses to large enterprises, EzeScan CLOUD offers workflow automation solutions suitable for organisations of any size.
  • Easily scale the solution to your business requirements without the need for additional hardware or software.
  • With out-of-the-box integration with 40+ ERP and EDRMS solutions, EzeScan CLOUD enables seamless data exchange, streamlining your workflows and improving productivity.

High Levels of Security

  • Deployed on the Microsoft Azure Platform, EzeScan CLOUD provides high levels of security with advanced encryption standards, FIPS 140-2 compliance, and HTTPS communication with TLS encryption of data traffic.
  • Data sovereignty is assured through dedicated cloud infrastructure deployed geographically within your targeted region.
  • Cloud infrastructure redundancy utilises up to 3 separate data centres within a region, ensuring your data remains accessible even in the event of an outage.
  • Thorough auditing at the document level ensures the security of your data, capturing and logging every access for increased protection.


  • EzeScan CLOUD ensures reliable service with an unwavering commitment to uptime, backed by a 99.5% uptime SLA.
  • Real-time monitoring of internal services enables swift action to prevent, detect, and rectify any potential issues.
  • Constant performance monitoring and thorough functional tests ensure the software runs smoothly, consistently meeting its intended operational standards.

We are excited to bring you EzeScan CLOUD, a game-changing solution that will revolutionise your document management processes. Join us today and experience the future of streamlined workflows and increased productivity. 

To learn more, click here: https://www.ezescan.com.au/products/ezescan-cloud 

Yours in cloud solutions,

EzeScan CEO & Founder, Mike Kirkby

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