EzeScan announces new release with ability to attach physical files to Raisers Edge NXT solution.

EzeScan has announced its further commitment to the Blackbaud platform by becoming the first Blackbaud Technology partner to leverage their new Rest API interface that allows users to capture documents directly into the Blackbaud NXT environments much more effectively.

Simon Cruickshank, EzeScan’s Partner Alliance Manager explains; “Our new version release for The Raisers Edge NXT allows users to scan documents at higher speeds and process batch documents direct onto the Constituent record. Rather than indexing each scanned document one at a time, EzeScan allows automation by reading OCR text and simplifying the document process. EzeScan can also read barcodes on documents, using this information to name documents and attach the physical file. Making the process easy for the customer is our number one aim.”

EzeScan drives any type of production document scanner and uses its batch capture technology to output high quality images.

EzeScan also supports advanced capture features including:

  • Auto filing using barcodes
  • Ability to scan a document once, then index it multiple times and attach it to multiple systems.
  • ODBC lookups and uploads
  • EzeScan’s “Quick Redact” feature for automatic black out of selected zones on forms
  • Ability to automatically add annotations/audit stamps

The EzeScan NXT solution can be deployed in a combination of scenarios to suit your needs:

  • as a personalised workstation solution – single scanner and desktop
  • as a community solution (Multifunction copier for multi use)
  • as an Enterprise “Server” solution, a number of input devices are monitored for upload of images
  • Within EzeScan new WebApps mobility framework

A series of webinars will showcase this new release during July, so please contact your local reseller for details or reach out to us direct at sales@ezescan.com  or call Simon direct on +1 323 303 3043.

EzeScan Exhibits at the Laserfiche Empower 2018 Event – January 9-12th, Long Beach CA.


Next week is the Laserfiche Empower event January 9-12th 2018 in Long Beach, California.  This year’s theme promotes “The capture add-on you’ve been looking for“

At the event, EzeScan will be demonstrating  batch capture add-on for Email, Digital Mailrooms and Decentralized Scanning applications for upload directly into Laserfiche, showing you how to make records capture invisible.

EzeScan is viewed as the vital link by current users, as an affordable, efficient, and lasting solution, ideal for tackling those hard scanning, file import & email capture issues that are present in organisations every day.

At this event there will be demonstrations of a number of EzeScan products and how they link into Laserfiche.

  • Capture of documents in a Digital Mailroom environment – including mobility processing
  • The latest version of EzeScan’s Accounts Payable Line Items Module
  • Our new Email Capture/Record Module offering direct bulk extraction & getting away from the need to drag & drop each file
  • EzeScan Web Apps for mobile capture applications
    • Our new Digital Forms Assistant (DFA) module will available for free evaluation during the event
    • Both Cloud and On-Premise Laserfiche solutions will be on show.

EzeScan Speaking Session – Laserfiche have arranged the EzeScan team to be on-call to speak to attendees on Thursday 11th February at 2.45pm (Room S3) in a special session.

Speaking Track – Extended Capture Methods for Laserfiche

EzeScan provides effective ways for organizations to batch process emails, forms, documents or invoices (including line items). EzeScan addresses the advanced capture requirements of Laserfiche users.

Join us for a live demonstration and to learn more about features, including:

  • Mobile Capture and Validation using EzeScan (HTML-5) Web Apps
  • Line Item Extraction from Invoices
  • Hand Writing Extraction
  • Email Extraction & Polling directly into Laserfiche

Not able to attend the event?

If you’re unable to attend, please contact to organise an on-line WebEx to take you through our product range. Evaluation copies for testing our new Email Capture Module and “EzeScan Web Apps” within your own environment are also now available for download from www.ezescan.com