The Digital Mailroom – The Holy Grail of Remote Working

The Digital Mailroom – The Holy Grail of Remote Working

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation like never before and in particular the need for a digital mailroom.

Many businesses struggle with processing and distributing incoming correspondence. Much of this mail is time-sensitive and critical to the business. Physical distribution of mail can be time-consuming and prone to errors, with mail being sent to wrong recipients, lost or forgotten or filed incorrectly.

In the past, posted mail, invoices, orders and other documents would be hand-delivered to an employee’s desk but with so many employees now working from home on occasion, hand-delivery is impossible.

While over the year’s businesses have already invested in a digital mailroom solution, the majority had not at the time the pandemic hit. Digital Mailrooms are in demand more than ever with many businesses continuing to implement flexible working with employees able to work from home.

This makes it even more difficult to send mail in a timely matter to workers. Mail could sit on their desks for days until they are in the office next or could be lost. Without the ability to quickly process physical mail, companies risk disrupting important workflows like invoice processing or completion of critical forms and applications

EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom Solution can help you digitise and action your mail faster by digitising your mail as soon as it enters the organisation!

Digitise Your Mail with Ease

With EzeScan and a high-speed TWAIN/ISIS compliant scanner or MFD, your mailroom staff can quickly digitise incoming mail. EzeScan’s user interface makes it easy for an operator to capture relevant metadata and easily distribute to the right person or workflow.

Optional smart capture modules are available to automatically look for and capture relevant information which can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate manual data entry.

Desktop Workstation where mailroom operator scans and capture and validate mail metadata and distribute mail recipient.

Distribute To Your Staff Quickly & Securely

EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom solution eliminates the delays with physical mail distribution to get your information to the correct people faster. End users or business units can view, action and register their mail in EzeScan’s Remote Indexing WebApp on any device from any location. From here users can automatically initiate EDRMS record actions or workflows to ensure documents are named and filed correctly into your EDRMS if required. EzeScan supports integration with over 40 popular EDRM systems.

EzeScan Digital Dashboard, where a user receives and processes their mail. From here they can download, register to EDRMS, route to other users or business units.

Here’s How EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom Works

With EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom solution you can

  • Digitise your mail with ease
  • Provide instant recipient notification of incoming mail
  • Distribute your mail quickly and securely (multiple recipients and locations).
  • Reduce the risk of lost mail
  • Initiate faster business transaction processing
  • Streamline end user self-registration of mail into EDRMS
  • Automatically initiate EDRMS workflow on mail
  • Align business processes with governance, regulatory and digitisation standards

For more information on EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom Solution visit our website or contact our sales team at!

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